Zoocci Coke Dope — Different

Zoocci Coke Dope - Different

Текст Zoocci Coke Dope — Different

Everything up to my standards
(Shawty be twerking and doing the splits)
She said she dance but she lacking some talents
Lacking some manners
King of the zoo and the lord of the madness
I need a challenge
You go fuck it up, I’ll handle the damage
«He wore the gangster clothing like the Nike Cortez shoes, Dickie pants,
Pennington shirts, and head bandannas. He was full of tattoos. But they didn’t
bully him, they were in awe of him. He looked like one of those people from the
movies. They wanted to be just like him, you have to love yourself first.»
This shit is different (Yeah)
(Yeah, yeah) My pull-up is hectic (Yeah)
I see they shook epileptic
Smoke in my section
So much it blur out my vision
I’m moving different
You niggas is pussy, just how I predicted
Just a gimmick
I done came with the fuego since in the beginning
This shit is all my genes
If you coming sideways I might get offended
You niggas pretenders
Know that you been living different from what you been giving the listeners
That be the difference
I don’t really got a limit
Give it to them how I feel it
Gordon Ramsay how I whip it
Ain’t just anybody fucking with me in the kitchen
Cold case, I’m connected like I’m gold links
Man look at how the roles switch
Ok, I’ve been flipping flows getting dough
While getting high the whole day
Always up to something
Confidential how I’m living private location (yeah)
Look at the art we creating
Really ain’t no wonder why they be hating
Touch down in the end zone
I roll up in buildings you can’t go
Deep in a mine like I’m Anglo
Chains on me like I’m Django
My grass always greener when they try to compare
24 carat halo that shit rare
My only competition in the mirror
Tunnel vision never look to the rear
You remember that theme song from Cheers where
Everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came
It was like that every day
But it was a lot before I regretted my, my decision
I became a target overnight
But it was too late what was I supposed to do
All these bitches you know
That I’ve been pimpin
This shit is different
This right here different
All this niggas inconsistent
This shit different
This right here different
He had respect, power and pride
Everything that I didn’t have
I wondered what it would be to be like him
To be revered in your own neighborhood
That night I made a decision and it only got worse

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