Trapdoor Social — Like You Never

Trapdoor Social - Like You Never

Текст Trapdoor Social — Like You Never

Run, run like you’ve never run
Running all the way back to the place where your love first begun
Dream, dream like you’re seventeen
Dream it back until everything’s just as perfect as it once seemed
Sing, sing you like you’ve never sung
Sing it so loud that they’ll travel from places you thought were to far too come
Fight, like you’re not scared to die
Do it for all of the people that always have stood right by your side
Between your fears
It’s shining out
Go on and take it
And turn the world around
Fast, it’s faster than you or I
Turn around doing so many things you thought that you’d never try
You kept, you kept coming up for breath
But what you wanted was so deep you’d get there and have nothing left
Let it go, overflow, possibilities
Pushing pieces into place and make yourself believe
No mistakes, it’s make or break and everyone will see you

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