Tota — Died for You

Tota - Died for You

Текст Tota — Died for You

This Is God Body
Hard Driven From Hard Living
This Is Happy Days
Family Dinners On ThanksGivng
This Is Losing Sight
Living Wrong But Knowing Right
This Is 10 Years, Scared As Hell At Open Mic
This Is So Flawed
Thinking Bout You But Won’t Call
This Is Hella Pride
All This Pain But Won’t Cry
This Is Go Away
What I Say When I Need You Most
This Is Fuckin Love
Why I Stay When I Need To Go
This Is Life Now
The Reasons We Fight Now
This Is Right Now
Why I’m Writing This Shit Down
This Is Self Hate
All The Habits I Can’t Break
This Is Bad Decisions
The Ones I Always Seem To Make
This Is Self Doubt
Why I Ain’t Putting Shit Out
This is Next In
This Why I Lost My Best friend
This Is Best Seats
For All The Shit I’ll Never See
This Is Me
And This Is Prolly All I’ll Ever Be
I died for you
Made it to the end
Write it in my will
And tell all of yo friends

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