Shy Glizzy — Thank You

Shy Glizzy - Thank You

Текст Shy Glizzy — Thank You

I shouldn’t have out the shades on
Keep all that too
Yours Truly
Versace Shades
I feel like Biggie in This Bitch
Thank You!
Come on and let a real nigga sing to you
Stop letting all these rappers prank you
I like to sip purp, I smoke dank too
Running out the jungle, I’m a bengal
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, Thank you (x3)
For listening to a real nigga
I never in my whole life felt this much pain
Riding through your ghetto trying to bust your nigga’s brain
Meek just hit my phone and said he bought a glitzy chain
He told me lil bruh I know you about to kill the game
Guess what, I just got a fuckin call from mack maine
He told me Birdman want me to be in Rich Gang
My OG don’t do shit he just like bricks and champagne
And you won’t see his face if you don’t get a whole thing
Talk to to ?? everyday, he don’t ask the kid for shit
Cuz got 60 niggas crying over 6
Don’t look at my IG and be like shawty he the lick
Run up you’ll get hit, whole lotta guns, I don’t know the name of this shit
I just bought a dog and named him 40
You know I keep that dog, this a 40
Check your shorty, she out here having orgy’s
And ya’ll love shorty, all y’all going to see Maury
These niggas hate me cuz I got my bands up
I’m gonna keep going til my niggas in a mansion
Bitch from france she say bon jour you’re so handsome
Fancy restaurants what me to pull my pants up
I just seen my jeweler a couple days ago
They hate me when I do that lazy flow
You say you love how? That ain’t your lady tho
Sold a quarter, spent a quarter on a bracelet tho

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