Propain — Intro

Propain - Intro

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When niggas hearts turn cold
It get hotter than time
Youngins yellin out they’s up
That means somebody gettin down
I mean, ain’t tryna be no thugs
But ain’t no options around
We born to hell and our only promise is just a spot in the ground
A nigga try to take my chain
Nigga I’m poppin it down
If I ain’t got it you gotta kill me
If I survive then he dying
I mean as shallow as that sound
That’s just how we designed
These streets gon’ transform your ass
As fast as Optimus Prime
It ain’t too much that he gon’ take
Or watchin his momma be crying
A nigga gon’ jump up off that porch
Gonna make his dollars and climb
A nigga gon’ hustle like its sport
Until he outta that bind
Cause this broke shit with that ambition
Will drive you outta your mind
And fuck a op nigga
You’re only real
Them folks gon’ give your ass away
Like you adopted by time
And now your kids without a dad
And their whole plot is divide
That’s black cycle shit
Somebody call me out if I’m lyin, but fuck it
We born to lose, raised to win
Man I believe them words so much that I engraved my skin
Shit I can’t pretend
I’ve been down, couldn’t scrape a cent
But I’d rather die before these niggas see me caving in
Granny told me I should pray
Just hope that he erase my sins
I said it’s kind of hard when the dope man in a Mercedes Benz
She told me for that shine wait
With faith you better make amends
Ain’t tellin you that broke is cool but money never made a man
Now I’m like a drummer at a black college
Tryna make the bands
Higher than a waving hand
Ballin like I’m K Durant
When it’s real, it ain’t gonna happen fast
You gotta pace it then
Life really a marathon
Word to Nip the great for real
Would you ride for it?
You ain’t livin if it’s nothing you won’t die for
That’s real, yeah I like that
I said, look
Would you ride for it?
You ain’t livin if it’s nothing you won’t die for
Nothin you won’t die for
Tell me would you die for it
Damn, you know they fuck with Pro
I talk a hustler’s code
They watched me, from the mud I rose
Them niggas told me no
They used to shut them doors
But you know the saying
«The realest ones gon have the toughest rose»
I used to care about folks’ opinions
I don’t give a fuck no more
They knock you while you’re here
Die, they all gon’ love your soul
And imma fall a gladiator
Ghetto ass Russell Crowe
In case we never speak again
I did it like no other bro

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