Mike Posner — Top of the World

Mike Posner - Top of the World

Текст Mike Posner — Top of the World

At this time next year I’mma have enough to buy the whole damn thang, thang,
Yeah I am doing pretty good right now but I swear just wait, wait
Imma take it to the top, top, top of the world
Imma take it to the top, ha, I knew it
You came in here solo, nah, I crewed it
Funny I turned all my «I’m gonna be’s» to I do it
Been ballin’ out for a minute, still play like I’m gettin’ recruited
I showed and proved it and came up in the game and made a name, clap it up
Seem like yesterday, man we was in your hooptie, lappin’ up
How sometimes you have to look back in your life and laugh it up
Tryna make it to the top and throw my dawgs a ladder up
Ain’t no artist in the game that could match this
Gym shorts on a date with an actress
And I’m still gon’ hit
I could pllllllt on the tracks and it’s still gon’ hit
Fuck the dress code, these ain’t retros
Who that smooth voice is with the best flow?
Yours truly
Keep your feelings to yourself let me do me
Same ol’ G, I just made a crib replacement
Whip replacement, floatin’ down the street, floatin’, bitch I’ve been paradin’
Everybody ’round me paid like gettin’ rich contagious
Another hit, ‘scuse me while I run the bases
Sister’s graduating, so yeah I’m feeling good
Midwest beard all over Hollywood
See the way they hatin’, see the way I shine
Dexter Ave, it’s a big mural, me and Sean
I do it
(Man, that’s my line, lil bitch, you ain’t even say it right)
Fuck you bro, I say it how I want

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