Inner Wave — Buffalo

Inner Wave - Buffalo

Текст Inner Wave — Buffalo

She wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, wasn’t true
A jokes a joke until it fucks with you, is it true
There’s nothing I would want to hide from you, to hide from you
Another lie now what am I to do, I to do
Mother I’m trying and I don’t know why
It seems I’ve lost my focus again
It seems like once I think I have it all worked out
Time comes by and washes it down
Strive for what’s right I know I can’t hide
I know I can’t hide these feelings inside
I can’t feel this way
I don’t wanna say
Just once I think I have it all worked out
Just once I think I have it all worked out
And your expressions got me oh so down
Just when I think I do
I treat you how I wouldn’t want to be treated
Do as I say not as I do oh I beg you
Another day another dollar in the bank
Be as I say not as I am oh I beg I beg you
I fear you are not searching enough yet
I fear you’re searching in all the wrong places
Well my dear come face to face with what you really feel

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