E-40 — Play Too Much

E-40 - Play Too Much

Текст E-40 — Play Too Much

This is an emergency tempo has reached critical level
Yeah 40 in this motherfucker
We got Young Bari in this thang you understand that
We got my nigga Young Stanley Roach Gigz nigga
You feel finna show up and show out on you bitch ass niggas man
You nigga play too much betta listen up man look
Called up ya friends up on facebook the lense is missing
If I take my jewelry to cash for gold I’ll probably get a million
Kept it a trillion we went out the trenches of cali
The flat lands and the alleyways we play with them AKs
The monsters they raised up out the V I’m a boss
I start havin steak and lobster with hollandaise sauce
Growing up in that new thang that Louboutin truck
Hella pea in that butter they say I play too much
I see more keys than a Janitor pack more tools than a carpenter
Your bitch want me in her mouth like I’m a throat lozengers
We fucked on her mama’s couch nothing proper
Ratchet little chick I let her slobber
I proposed to my street sign when I was 9
I don’t see her as much as I used to but she still mine
I am the ghetto what you thought rewind
Bitch my ghetto past can never be declined
Fuckin with it I’m in it to win it like it’s the pin it skys the limit
I’m doing this shit independent
The landlord not the tenant thinkin bout runnin for senate reinvent it
Been doing this shit for a minute
I ain’t gotta say too much caz I’m a real man they play
You play too much, stop playin wit me playin wit me
We play too much stop playin with me playin wit me
I play too much, stop playin wit me playin
Y-O-UNG B-A-RI is who I be
I’d rather be no one else
And before I love her amma love myself
So clean but the girls say I’m dangerous
I give yoy numbers to hit they left overs to us
I done been there done that so run that
Why you wanna play with me where the tongue at
You going respect this here I don’t need you
Ari ari my dear I live with no fear I live with no doubts
Follow a real one you takin the wrong route
You hurting you never hurting me
I’m who you wanna see, who you wanna be
I don’t know what it is but they loving me
I’m never new to this true to this G.O.D
I’m south san fransis I ain’t gotta say man you know what it is
I ain’t playing with em with em and I think I’m bout to trip
40 my big homie man we handle biz
Ay unc this shit bump
All the bubba gump selling drugs on the stump
I’m a player and they play too much
Last one in the room neva say too much
Pretty as a flower a bouquet a bunch
I wake up and hussle before ya daily blunt
I ain’t acting mulla only thing on my medulla
Hallelujah I’ll school I teach ya how to get it
I don’t even need the credit forget
Don’t sweat all gas in the fast lane fly Bay shit
And they lookin like a crash plane or a wreck train
I’m one of a kind poking out like a neck vein
Stay here forever like a fuckin cement name
Gun Bay repin move with a message the bullshit can’t still me
Peace and love I’m a hippy all gin no whiskey like freshwater pussy
Don’t go where’s it’s fishy hit it one time now this hoe wanna miss me
You playin I’m saying I’m 25 up all night Benny style
Lookin for a betty Booper or Jezzy and the fuckin troops

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