Derek Pope — War Machine

Derek Pope - War Machine

Текст Derek Pope — War Machine

Is it true
I found love in darkness now while you found someone new
Dripping on the floor again with every step I move
I feel like a war machine that’s barely getting used
Sit and watch me bleed like there was nothing you could do
Shed my skin and I walk around the room
Popped a pill or two to watch the flowers bloom
Drop your guide and just lead us to our doom
Won’t start winning ’til there’s nothing left to lose
No tide pools, big typhoons
Don’t wave us in too soon
We’re crashing on the moon
Me and you
Don’t move
This one ticks like there’s no fuse
That one fits the other shoe
All my demons hide in view
I see them all around me
Don’t know how they always found me
Voice that makes no sound
Up here don’t look down
I feel lost without my hands on the wheel
If it’s not my call, then
Would you pick your phone up?
Two bad ones like Noah
Hope this ship ‘gon hold up

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