Derek Pope — Autopilot

Derek Pope - Autopilot

Текст Derek Pope — Autopilot

How you let him drown like that?
Shit you ain’t around like that
You know that point on the map
Parachute troop come down like that
How you get found like that?
Cut right through your back
Fuck my latest snack
Just something to fill the gap
Knee don’t bend like that
Guess that always been like that
I don’t keep friends like that
Can’t get a Benz like that
I just wanna spend like that
Make it to the end like that
Find the disconnect
Meet our architect
They put the Pope in a scope
Why you ain’t popping yet
Sent you a box full of clothes
How come you ain’t rocked them yet?
Must be a tight rope
How you ain’t fall off yet?
Put a loop ’round your neck?
Turn the coupe to a jet, jet
I feel stuck in autopilot
Sometimes when I’m flying
Set my mind on fire
Can’t be your messiah
Would you love me?
Even if I didn’t love myself
Would you help me?
You know I can’t help myself
Is it real when
They can touch me but I don’t feel them
Bring me your sick but I can’t heal them
People just wanna hear themselves talk
Turn your food for thought into a meal plan
Blue flame scorch
We would smoke blunts back porch
Back in a five day course
Backpack hold that woah
Using your locker for storage
I’d go to Fruitvale, my source
He did not shoot to spell horse
Right when my parents divorced
Told me their love was no more
I think it stuck to my core
And now after working my way up
I still want every award
Models to fuck on the floor
But don’t know what none of it’s for

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