Air Dubai — Nighttime

Air Dubai - Nighttime

Текст Air Dubai — Nighttime

She wanna live fast
And die young and
Not leave till the party is done
In the nighttime
And when the sun drops
Jeep in the streetlights and we run blocks
And the feeling runs hot
When it course through your veins
And we hit the warm spot
Shots kill em all like the other night
Feeling wrong just to make it right
Alcohol on a summer night
For the life lose the game
And you could pull it twice
Are you boozing again
And drink is all I ever see you do with your friends
And you’re losing again
Up in your own world
Not a clue where you went
And in the nighttime we detach
Puppeteer no strings attached
She wanna see the stars
But couldn’t see the facts
That I want you bad and I need you back
City girl witness
Shots on her hitlist
Cropped from her rich kids
Life for the sickness
Right for the big twist
Bright lights to fight the wrong cause
Get it right the night is all ours
Never been the type to spite
And fall far from the same nightlife
That tries in all dark
Fakeness, Plastic
Makes it drastic
Take hits acid
Same shit, bad trip
So frantic dance with all the pretty girls
Can’t handle life in such a shitty world
I see you party and drink I think I’m better off
Tryna cure this thing I wish I never caught

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